Ride Text Features

  • Provide real time bus arrival information based on stop id
  • Create keyword groups that users can subscribe to for marketing outreach or alerts, e.g. Highway Construction Alerts
  • Create Campaigns, e.g. Notify all the customers who inquired about stop 123 in the last 2 weeks about imminent closure

Extensive reporting capabilities

  • Phone Number Report
  • Stop Number Report
  • Heat Map
  • Monthly Summary Report

Analytics Dashboard

  • Most Popular Stop
  • Texts in Last One Hour
  • Busiest Day of the Month
  • Least Busiest Day of the week
  • Most Active Customer

"This application has been vital to the success of our disaster recovery and communication plan. In today’s climate, we need to be able to send critical updates to our staff at a moments notice and to be able to effectively and efficiently do that within a matter of seconds. This means more time for our managers to focus navigating an everchanging landscape.”

Lanai Tua, Assistant General Manager

MV Transportation, Seattle