Mystery Rider Features

  • Smart validation checks
  • Uses GPS to highlight time points
  • Submits data to the server in real time
  • Consistent data entry through a mobile application
  • Application works in offline mode in case network connectivity is lost
  • Automatically populates time point information based on route selection
  • One button alerts for security situations with description and GPS location

Agency Benefits

  • GPS enhanced data
  • Ensure data consistency
  • Drastically reduced paperwork
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Export data for trend analysis
  • Cost savings through operational efficiencies
  • Use Planning Module to generate future rides
  • Immediate information on emergency/security situations
  • Advanced reports and analytics with mapping capabilities

Export data for trend analysis (Bus Exterior Data, Apr 2016)

Dest. Signs Visible?
Dest. Signs Correct?
Block Ind Sign Set?
Ext. Lights On?
Both Headlts Operational?
Exterior Clean?
Damage or Rust?
Bike Rack Used?

"The Fairfax County Department of Transportation (FCDOT) and MV Transit teamed with Alesig Consulting due to their innovative use of Apple's iPad for the Fairfax Connector bus system Mystery Ride program. Alesig's solution with the iPad allows mystery rider staff to observe service, record data, and trigger priority notifications for certain events in real time. FCDOT is excited to begin working with Alesig and MV on this new iteration of the Fairfax Connector Mystery Ride program.”

Nick Perfili, Transportation Planner/Customer Service Manager

Fairfax Connector